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A podcast putting the Sin back into Cinema every Monday

Matt McCoy

Matt McCoy has been working as a sculptor and designer in Central Texas since 2007. He studied sculpture at A&M Corpus Christi and Texas State University, with a BFA from Texas State. Starting with the traditional sculpture medium of clay and morphing into the exciting new mediums of 3D printing and digital design, McCoy is a sculptor ready and excited for a rapidly changing 3D art world.

Andrew Reyes

The Grindhaus Podcast was born on a Christmas Eve when myself, Matt and our friend Chris (co-host of my previous podcast “Tired of Winning”) had a spirited conversation about Star Wars over drinks. The energy in the room was frenetic and as someone who not only works in film but loves cinema, I wanted to share that energy I have with my friends with the Horror and Film community and give a perspective from people who have been blessed enough to work professionally as an artist.

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