In my earliest of days, I recognized that my view of life was a little different than the norm. Growing up in South Texas, in a town literally named after the corpse of a deity and surrounded by lure of Spanish Conquistadors and buried treasure, I was drawn to the macabre and fantastical. Imaginary friends were a constant, probably way too late into Teenhood. Often, I’d pretend that I was Thor in the final days of Ragnarok, dying in battle as I vanquished my foe, The Midgard Serpent. Or I was transfixed by the magickal rituals of my Catholic upbringing even if my connection with the associated dogma diminished with every year. Once, when given an art assignment, I borrowed my father’s camcorder and filmed various art instillations and murals around town only I focused the camera’s lens less on the art piece but rather from its perspective. I wanted to show the class what the art saw. To see the world from the arts eyes. This was my very first film I produced.

Fast forward many years later and I left the Body of Christ for the City of Angels and have carved out a career for myself for over a decade now as a Film Producer on indie films and series. My wonderment of the world has only intensified with time and never one to be content, I find myself often spinning a lot of plates. Aside from my film career, I started my own production label, Oscuro Films, to not just work on films but to bring my own taste to share with the world. I also have two podcast, The Grindhaus Podcast where myself and a very talented artist, sculptor and photographer Matthew Lawrence McCoy talk film, technology and media. And Coffins & Coffee, a podcast with my beautiful wife to be Jessica aka “Ophelia”, where in we scrub through the goings ons of the world and share are often perverse and hopefully amusing view on things.

There is also “Certain Dark Things” the banner in which my amateur photography is listed. Named after my favorite poem by Pablo Neruda, the phrase exemplifies really all of the art that I create. There has always been to me a beauty in the dark spaces in between; I always imagine it’s in these spaces that hidden cosmic truths can be found. After all, scientist say that the Universe is 99.99999999% empty space…what mysteries does it hold?

Lastly, this page is intended to be a place of Magick. A monastery if you will of art and thought and the practice of Magick in the tradition of the Mages of the Golden Dawn and Pagan Witches of times past. I always found that my connection with the spiritual world was one of my own making. Certain (Dark) things spoke to me and others did not and like a quilt, my spiritual self is a patchwork of different disciplines and philosophies; both of the East and the West. It wasn’t until recently that all of these beliefs can easily fall under the banner of Ceremonial Magick. I am early in my journey and I hope to share it with you as I proceed into the unknown.

Let’s create magick together,


David Andrew Reyes

(Dave Oscuro)

“I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.”

Pablo Neruda

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